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Atago-yama and Kiyotaki

Atago-yama is the highest mountain near Kyoto. The traditional pilgrimage starts at a Torii west of Arashiyama:

After walking up and down for a while, along Hozu-gawa and Kiyotaki-gawa ...
... you arrive at the second Torii at Kiyotaki village:

Then it's going up only, and after another
two hours of climbing
(especially beautiful in autumn) ...

... you finally arrive at the shrine belonging to these Toriis. It's certainly the coldest shrine of Kyoto!
If you continue 15 minutes to the next mountain, you will have a panoramic view over Kyoto!

please scroll to the right to see the full panorama!

© for the photos 1999 by Tobias Wittig

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